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Invest incryptocurrencies in complete confidence.

Immerse yourself in the universe ofBanco Crypto, where investing in cryptocurrencies becomes both simple and secure. Sign up now to start a discussion about your prospects with our experienced investment advisors.

Deposit and withdraw your funds at your convenience


Monthly guarantees, ranging from7 to 12% during thefirst six months.



Automatically managed by a trading professional, and cancellable at any time.



Investing in cryptocurrencies in  a few clicks 

New to investing?

You want to embark on the adventure of crypto-currencies, but you also want to secure yourself? It is important to be well accompanied to start with confidence.

To meet your expectations,Banco Crypto offers its new members a start in 3 steps 

1. Discuss strategy with an advisor

Fill in your details in our contact form. A dedicated advisor will contact you by phone.

You will trade around the cryptocurrency market and the most successful investment strategies of the moment. Banco Crypto also offers its clients to move towards thematic packages of crypto-assets in order to invest in what inspires you.

2. You are ready!

Access your personal space and make a first deposit of the amount of your choice.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, you become familiar with the operation of the platform in just a few clicks.

Account management is entrusted entirely to professional traders with only 2% taken from the net profits made, without additional costs.

3. Start earning

Grow your portfolio or watch your assets rise in value in real time.

You are also free to withdraw your winnings whenever you want. Our crypto investments are flexible and allow you to enjoy your funds freely.

The cryptocurrency market finally returned accessible 

Crypto-currencies are financial products of choice for investors who wish to supplement their savings or diversify their portfolio.


With Banco Crypto, discover a simple, fast and accessible way to invest. Make your money grow with attractive monthly returns.


Your investments are managed by your advisor with the assistance of trading robots. A major innovation designed from the latest technological advances in artificial intelligence.


Add or withdraw your funds without restriction.


No need to monitor the markets every day. Your advisor does it for you.


Invest with cryptocurrency specialists and benefit from their expertise in the field.

Carte de crédit

Become a successful investor with investments with exceptional returns.

Why choose  Banco Crypto  ?

Our cryptocurrency experts are committed to providing each member with personalized support.

Trusted Platform

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions.


You can reach your advisor directly by phone, e-mail or by messaging via the WhatsApp application.



The platform meets regulatory compliance requirements to ensure the security of your data and funds.

Protection and security

  • What is a cryptocurrency?
    According to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), a crypto-currency refers to "virtual digital assets that are based on the technology of blockchain through a ledger decentralized and an encrypted computer protocol". From a strictly legal point of view, this digital or virtual currency does not cover the classic definition of a currency. It does not depend on any institution (central bank) and does not benefit from any legal tender. Nevertheless, crypto-currencies allow a community of users every day to carry out, through them, purchases of products or services, to carry out financial transactions. In 2023, the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), the USD coin (USDC), or Litecoin (LTC).
  • Is there a first deposit limit?
    No, there is no minimum amount or deposit limit. For your investment to be satisfactory, however, we advise you to invest from 250 euros.
  • Who structures my cryptocurrency portfolio?
    Your portfolio is built and managed by Banco Crypto's investment management team. When it was created, we systematically respect balance and diversification requirements in order to obtain promising returns for limited risk.
  • How long can I hold my crypto-assets?
    As long as you want. As long as you don't withdraw your funds, your investment in crypto-assets continues to earn you passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banco Crypto aims to make investing simple and accessible to as many people as possible. With low minimum amounts and an intuitive dashboard, investing in crypto has never been easier.


Because your trust is precious to us, the platformBanco Crypto complies with current European regulations. Your funds and data are protected by some of the most secure security protocols on the market.

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